06/25/2016 - 1:00pm
If you register your team in advance you will receive a discounted entry fee of $10 per player. If your team does not register prior to the event you will be charged $15 per player. Use the link below to register your team, if you have any issues registering please contact us.

Event News

This is a friendly, but competitive, tournament for local Fargo-Moorhead gamers. Match up against other local teams in this double elimination tournament Summoner's Rift tournament. If you don't have a team we will be doing our best to arrange evenly matched pick up teams during the event so stop by and put your name in. Updated: The entry fee is $15 per person for teams that do no register before the event. The entry fee for teams that do register prior to the event is $10 per person. The prizes will be Riot Point vouchers and gift cards. Games will be streamed and we will do our best have two matches played simultaneously.

Event Information:

  • Format: 5v5 - Tournament Draft Mode - Best of 1 Double Elimination
  • Entry Fee: $15/player without registration, $10/player with registration


  1. Receives $25 Riot Point Voucher Each
  2. Receives $10 Riot Point Voucher Each
  3. Receives $10 Section 9 Gift Card Each

Additional Prizing:

  1. Receives 4200 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 10-Win IP Boost Each
  2. Receives 3000 RP, 10-Win IP Boost Each
  3. Receives 1800 RP, 10-Win IP Boost Each
  4. Receives 1000 RP, 10-Win IP Boost Each


Use the following link to register for this tournament. Once you've submitted your registration you can go to your account page to edit or delete your registration if required.

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