Computer Repair & Custom Computers

Is your computer acting slow? Are you getting weird popups? Think you have viruses or malware? Section 9 Cyer Cafe offers affordable, quick and honest computer repair. We have flexible hours for both dropping off and picking up your system and we'll never charge you for something you don't need. All of our computer repairs also include a 30-day warranty.

If you're looking for a new custom computer tailor made to your needs then check out our custom computer services. All of our computers include a lifetime service warranty and a limited hardware warrarny. We have a local Fargo-Moorhead location so no boxing your computer up and sending it in for repairs or waiting on hold to a call center. We're always around to answer your questions and assist you with your custom Section 9 Cyber Cafe computer.
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Now Available Gauntlet
Now Available Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Now Available Mario Kart 8
July 26th League of Legends 5-vs-5 Tournament