Upcoming Events

We have a few events scheduled for the next few months with more in the works. You can find the details for each individual tournament below. This post will be updated as we have additional details to add.

Hearthstone Tournament

League of Legends Tournament

Tournament Survey

Hour Changes

We will be closed tomorrow (9/7) due to Labor Day. This week will also be the week we are changing our open schedule. We will be closed on Mondays from now on, but we will be open on Thursdays now instead.

Also, as of September 20th users will no longer be able to earn towards the $10 reward system. However rewards already earned will still be able to be redeemable. We will be unveiling our own in-house achievement system which will potentially give you the opportunity to earn even more than the original system.

Computer Upgrades

We've updated each of our floor computers graphics cards to an AMD R9 270X to support future releases and improved the performance of current releases. In the future we will also be upgrading and replacing all of our peripherals (keyboards, mice, headsets) with newer and better equipment.

We're currently running a survey to gather more information on what games people would be interested in us hosting events for and how we can improve those events. On October 31st we will be giving out $20 gift cards randomly to those who complete the survey. If you have the time to fill this survey out we greatly appreciate it. You can find the survey link below.

Tournament Survey

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