Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Section 9 offers comprehensive computer repair, virus removal, and data recovery services. Our main goal is to repair customer computers as quickly and thoroughly as possible while prioritizing the preservation of customer data. We take pride in our work and approach each individual repair as honestly as we can. We offer additional care for all of our computer repair customers, which other businesses in the area simply can't offer such as:

  • Comprehensive call-back service and one on one communication with the attending technician.
  • One to two day average turn around time for most services not requiring hardware shipping.
  • Honest, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Flexible hours so you can easily drop off or pick up your system.

If you plan on bringing your laptop in for repair, please remember to include your power adapter. It may be important for troubleshooting your laptop and we also may not have the correct power adapter in house.

Estimated Repair Times


Estimate for diagnosing the problem with your machine. After diagnostics have finished we will contact you with our findings and authorize any additional repair charges that may be incurred.

1-2 Business Days

No Parts Needed

Estimate for a repair which requires no additional hardware. Things such as virus removal and operating system installs can take longer than other repairs.

1-3 Business Days

Parts Needed

Estimate for a repair which requires parts. Often parts will need to be ordered for each individual repair, which can take anywhere for three days to a week depending on the part.

3-7 Business Days

Custom Computer

Estimate for a custom computer to be ordered and built. Since each computer is built custom we must order all of the parts, which usually takes three business days. Computers are assembled and tested the day that they arrive.

3-5 Business Days

Warranty Information

All computer repairs have a 30 day warranty. If the problem persists after a repair is finished we will look at it again free of charge. Note that if we find evidence it was user error which caused the problem to reoccur (such as a virus), we will charge for additional repairs.

Call us at (701) 476-1337 or use the following form for repair quotes and questions.

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