Custom Computers


Our experienced staff will work with you directly to give you the desktop computing solution you desire; whether for gaming or business. We will work within your budget to give you the best price for performance while still maintaining system dependability. We strive to use higher quality hardware for all of our builds in order to guarantee your system’s integrity. Every system is hand built, tested, and tuned by our experienced technicians.

All custom computers built by Section 9 Cyber Cafe include a lifetime service warranty and limited hardware warranty.

Warranty Information

Our service warranty covers all service costs that would otherwise be incurred during a computer repair. This includes any problems you might have, from virus removal to software failure. Keep in mind, however, this does not cover hardware replacement. Charges will apply for any hardware that is replaced during a repair. All hardware has a factory warranty of at least one year. If hardware failure occurs we will facilitate the replacement of said hardware as long as it is still under factory warranty and is not voided due to the end user.

We provide real one-on-one assistance without you having to wait on hold to a call center or sending your computer away for weeks on end. Our store is open from noon to midnight every day of the week, giving you flexible options for both dropping your machine off and picking it up.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Section 9 custom computer please call, e-mail or bring your computer into the store and we’ll try our best to assist you.
Call us at (701) 476-1337 or use the following e-mail form for any questions or build requests.

Request a Custom Computer Quote

What type of computer do you want? Gaming computers are built specifically for performance and graphics quality. Business computers are built for day-to-day office use such as word processing and web browsing. Media center computers are built for use with your home entertainment system. Multimedia computers specialize in editing photos, movies, music and can also be used for gaming.
Do you want us to include a copy of an operating system (ie. Windows 7) with your computer build? Note that if you're a student you may have access to a cheaper copy of Windows through your school store.
What you're looking to spend, you can either give a fixed value or a range. ie) $600 to $800, $700
These are optional features that aren't normally included in a computer build. Keep in mind that these extra features can use up your budget quickly, limited your computers overall performance.