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Computer Upgrades

We've updated each of our floor computers graphics cards to an AMD R9 270X to support future releases and improved the performance of current releases. In the future we will also be upgrading and replacing all of our peripherals (keyboards, mice, headsets) with newer and better equipment.

We're currently running a survey to gather more information on what games people would be interested in us hosting events for and how we can improve those events. On October 31st we will be giving out $20 gift cards randomly to those who complete the survey. If you have the time to fill this survey out we greatly appreciate it. You can find the survey link below.

Tournament Survey

April '15 League of Legends Tournament Results

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in our rescheduled League of Legends tournament! Due to stream issues we don't have VODs for every match and pictures will be posted later on. If you did take pictures during the event and would like to share them please feel free to e-mail them to us at and they will be posted.

The paper bracket can be viewed here. Full detailed bracket will be posted later on. Here are the final placing team for this event:

Temporary Closure

We will be closed on March 25th through April 2nd. We will be open for normal hours from Friday, April 3rd and onward.

If you need to contact us during this time please e-mail us at:

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Spring '15 League of Legends Tournament

Event Time: 
Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 1:00pm
We plan to have our first games going by at least 1:15 PM. If your team is running late but will still be able to make it please call ahead so we can plan the bracket accordingly. As usual you can bring your own peripherals, however we request that you return your computer to it's normal setup before leaving the station. Also keep in mind that Skype has been problematic in the past and we suggest you look into alternatives such as Raidcall, Ventrilo (Lan Server) and Teamspeak.

Event Information:

  • Format: 5v5 - Tournament Draft Mode - Best of 1 Double Elimination
  • Entry Fee: $10/player
  • Tournament games will be streamed here.
  • Spectators: 2


  1. 6700 RP Each + Triumphant Ryze Skin
  2. 3780 RP Each
  3. 1600 RP Each + $5 Dollar Gift Card
  4. 800 RP Each + $5 Dollar Gift Card

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Computer Repair & Custom Computers

Is your computer acting slow? Are you getting weird popups? Think you have viruses or malware? Section 9 Cyer Cafe offers affordable, quick and honest computer repair. We have flexible hours for both dropping off and picking up your system and we'll never charge you for something you don't need. All of our computer repairs also include a 30-day warranty.

If you're looking for a new custom computer tailor made to your needs then check out our custom computer services. All of our computers include a lifetime service warranty and a limited hardware warrarny. We have a local Fargo-Moorhead location so no boxing your computer up and sending it in for repairs or waiting on hold to a call center. We're always around to answer your questions and assist you with your custom Section 9 Cyber Cafe computer.