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01/16/2016 - 1:00pm
Details coming soon
01/09/2016 - 1:00pm

Event News

This is a friendly, but competitive, tournament for local Fargo-Moorhead gamers. Match up against other local teams in this double elimination tournament Summoner's Rift tournament. If you don't have a team we will be doing our best to arrange evenly matched pick up teams during the event so stop by and put your name in. The entry fee is $10 per person and the prizes will be Riot Point vouchers and gift cards. All games will be streamed and we will do our best to once again have two matches played simultaneously.

We plan to have our first games going by 1:15 PM. If your team is running late but will still be able to make it please call ahead so we can plan the bracket accordingly. As usual you can bring your own peripherals, however we request that you return your computer to it's normal setup before leaving the station.

As always I'd like to reiterate that Skype doesn't function correctly on our network and you will likely run into issues having all of your group getting into the same call. As an alternative we'll have a local Mumble, Teamspeak, and Ventrilo lan server hosted for teams to use as they please. We will also have the clients installed for other VOIP alternatives such as Discord and Curse.

Event Information:

  • Format: 5v5 - Tournament Draft Mode - Best of 1 Double Elimination
  • Entry Fee: $10/player
  • Tournament games will be streamed here.

Game Settings:

  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Team Size: 5v5
  • Game Type: Tournament Draft


  • The tournament will be held in a double elimination format. Once all teams are registered the seeds will be shuffled and the tournament will begin.
  • The higher seeded team will choose to be either blue or purple.
  • Ghosting either directly or through spectators will result in a forfeit of the match.
  • If a player disconnects during the game or if there is a technical problem, the game will be paused until the issue is resolved. The game will resume once both teams are ready.
  • Please be respectful of other players and spectators.
  • Be a good sportsman.


  1. Receives $25 Riot Point Voucher Each
  2. Receives $10 Riot Point Voucher Each
  3. Receives $10 Section 9 Gift Card Each

Additional Prizing:

Additional prizing pending, will be updated on confirmation.


Use the following link to register for this tournament. Once you've submitted your registration you can go to your account page to edit or delete your registration if required.
01/23/2016 - 1:00pm

Event News:

We've changed the format to swiss-style and the ruleset to conquest. Be sure you fully read and understand the rules before the event begins.

The first match will start at 1:15PM. Your deck lists must be submitted on this website using the below registration link before the start of the first matches. Tournament games will be played on our computers for the tournament, everything is included with the entry fee. All participants will receive the Fireside card back for participating.

As usual the entry fees will also give you a day pass, allowing you to stay and play for the rest of the day.

Event Information:

  • Format: 1-vs-1 Conquest - Best of 5 Swiss-Style
  • Entry Fee: $10/player
  • Finals will be streamed here.


  • This is a swiss-style tournament.
  • All matches are best-of-five games. The first player to win 3 games within the match is considered the winner of the match.
  • Players must prepare 3 decks from 3 unique classes that must be declared during registration and prior to event start.
  • These decks may not be edited between games or matches.
  • A player must win one game with each of his three decks to win the match.
  • When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match.
  • The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.
  • Players will be told what classes their opponent has available, but they won’t know which class is picked until both players have picked.


  • The tournament will be held in a swiss-style format. Once all participants are registered the bracket will be shuffled and the tournament will begin.
  • Ghosting either directly or through spectators will result in a forfeit of the match.
  • You will forfeit your match if you edit any of your decks.
  • Repeated infractions will result in an ejection from the event.
  • Please be respectful of other players and spectators.
  • The purpose of this tournament is for everyone to have fun. Keep this is mind while you're playing and be a good sportsman.


  • First place will receive 50% of the entry fees, the more people who enter the higher the pot.
  • Second Place will receive a $10 gift card to Section 9


Use the following link to register for this tournament. Once you've submitted your registration you can go to your account page to edit or delete your registration if required.

League of Legends Results

The League of Legends tournament turned out well totaling at 8 participating teams. With this event we made sure that we had 20 computers in-house so we could run two matches at the same time whenever possible.

The bracket can be found here. The top three placing teams are as follows:
  1. 4 White Boyz and Phil
  2. Brent Geislinger Fan Club
  3. Terries Getting Froggy

Hearthstone Results

The bracket for the Hearthstone tournament can be found here. Here are the results for the top three:
  1. Jason (GoblinDriver#1726)
  2. Laura (murdercrab#1718)
  3. Joe (Squalls#1755)

Here are the decks used by GoblinDriver: druid, hunter, and mage. And the decks used by murdercrab: druid, priest, and mage.

The overall turnout for the Hearthstone tournament was pretty good, totaling at 11 participants total. Since this was the first Hearthstone tournament that we ran our goal was more or less to establish a good idea of what the community looked like number-wise and whether or not future events were viable.

We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout and got the necessary feedback we needed to run future tournaments. As always our goal with tournaments are to create a healthy competitive environment with a strong emphasis on everyone having fun. Part of the way we think we can achieve that with this tournament is guaranteeing everyone a certain number of games, regardless of performance. To ensure this we are switching the format from double elimination to a swiss style so everyone gets more total games in. We are also going to change the rules to conquest format, which is the current tournament standard, instead of last deck standing.

Future Events

We're improving our website to have better tournament registration support, our main goal being that your registration can be edited and updated after your submit it. If you plan on participating in future tournaments we suggest your register an account now.

Future tournament events are still on the drawing table but we're looking at an early January tournament for both Hearthstone and League of Legends. We're also exploring the possibility to put on a Smash Brothers Melee and Wii U dual tournament in mid December. Make sure you follow our Facebook page so you stay up to date with all current and future events.