April Plans & Big Boys Toys Expo

League of Legends 5-vs-5 Tournament - April 28th @ 11 AM At the Big Boys Toys Expo - Compete for $400, Riots points, and Skins.

We're excited to announce our first big money tournament. On April 28th at 11 AM we'll be holding a 5-vs-5 Summoner's Rift tournament at the FM Big Boys Toys Expo in the Fargodome. The cash prize for first place is $400 and second place is $200. This tournament is also sponsored by Riot Games so winners will receive riot points, the exclusive Triumphant Ryze skin, and Champion Skin Bundles. Due to the limited time of the Expo we'll be running this event as a singe elimination tournament.

To participate in this event you need to pre-register AND pre-pay. The entry fee is $20 per person, which also covers entry into the Big Boys Toys Expo.

Event Information & Registration