Computer Services

Computer Repair

Our technicians understand that you want the most out of your gaming or business system. Whether it’s hardware failure, viruses, or just time for an upgrade; our experienced technicians will work with you at an affordable rate. Why trust your computer to a corporate workshop and risk overpaying for low quality hardware? We will use the highest quality hardware in your price range in order to the extra performance that gamers demand. Use the following link for more information on computer repair and to receive an estimate.

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Custom Computer Building

Our experienced staff will work with you directly to give you the computing solution you desire; whether for gaming or business. We will always work within your budget to give you the best price for performance while still maintaining system dependability. We strive to use higher quality hardware for all of our builds in order to guarantee your system’s integrity, as well as give you your money’s worth. Every system will be hand built, tested, and tuned by our experienced technicians. Use the following link for more information on custom computers and to start your build.

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Addition Computer Services

Try to build your computer yourself but having trouble or need help? Our technician can help consult you on your next build. Or if you've ordered the parts yourself but want your computer assembled we offer comprehensive computer assembly services including service warranties. Use the following link for more information on our additional computer services.

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