Gaming — An exciting social atmosphere which promotes healthy competition and individual enjoyment at an affordable price. Play through one of the largest collections of titles available in the area. All required hardware, accounts, and internet are supplied at no additional fee. Additionally we host events and tournaments in our unique gaming environment. All of this with an experienced and knowledgeable staff to help and challenge.

Virtual Reality — Full 360 degree room-scale virtual reality with a comprehensive library of games and experiences to try.  2 Stations are available, with some co-op and vs games available.

Computer Repair — Our technicians understand that you want the most out of your gaming or business system. Whether it’s hardware failure, viruses, or just time for an upgrade; our experienced technicians will work with you at affordable prices.  

Snacks & Drinks — Section 9 offers a wide array of Hot &  Cold Drinks, Sweet & Salty Snacks, and More!  


Family owned and operated since 2009, Section 9 is a Video Gaming Center for casual to competitive gamers.

Section 9 offers: 20 computer and 9 console gaming stations, 2-HTC Vive Virtual Reality stations PC and laptop repair services & Pinball. Hot & cold drinks, sweet & salty snacks, & more! Party and group rentals are available.

Section 9 is a ggCircuit Member Center, a group of International Video Gaming Centers participating in casual to competitive events. ggCircuit also provides Section 9 customers with an automated reward and redemption system.



  Section 9 Present Day  , 2017

Section 9 Present Day, 2017

  Section 9 Original Location, 2014

Section 9 Original Location, 2014

  Section 9 Original Location, 2009

Section 9 Original Location, 2009