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3,287 Days/108 Months/9 Years Later


7:00 PM Tuesday, October 30th, 2019 Celebrating 9 Years of S9!

Friday October 30th, 2009 S9 opened with a Left 4 Dead Tournament.

Time 2 do another.

Cost: $6.00 Day Pass Per Player/$3.00 Day Pass for Participants in the 10/30/2009 Left 4 Dead Tournament or any entrant with over 10,000 in lifetime coin earnings in the new location.  Come in any time Tuesday and get some practice in. There will be S9 staff to help fill in teams.

Prizing:  First- 4-$9.99 S9 Gift Cards   Second: 3 Hours of Game Time.

Random Drawings at 8:00 pm for S9 Gift Cards, Snacks, Drinks and more.

GAMEMODE: Versus   FORMAT: Single 5-8 Teams/Double 4 Teams Elimination

ROUND WIN CONDITION: Survivors reach the safe house / Special Infected down/kill all Survivors. In the event of a Tie the in-game scoring will be used to determine the round’s winner. SCORING: In-game Scoring will be used to determine round winners.

The distance traveled by each Survivor is the primary source of points for the Survivors. The farthest distance a Survivor reaches is the score that Survivor gets (i.e., if a Survivor backtracks and dies, they will receive points for how far they traveled before backtracking).

Survival bonus points: Every Survivor that lives at the end of the chapter gets a 25-point bonus for their team. If the Survivor makes it into the safe room and dies, the 25-point bonus will not count.

If they are in the safe room and incapacitated, the Survivors will still receive the bonus. However, if the incapacitated survivor is in the rescue vehicle at the end of a campaign and all standing Survivors are in the vehicle, the vehicle will leave, and the bonus will not count.

The health or items of the Survivors no longer affects the score.

The Infected and Survivor sides are notified at 25% intervals of the distance the Survivors have traveled.

Reviving dead Survivors using a Defibrillator results in a 25-point penalty.

If both teams reach the safe room with no deaths, a 25-point tiebreak bonus is given to the team who did the most damage as Infected. If both teams earn the same score in a level, but not everyone makes it to the safe room (i.e. someone dies), this tiebreaker does not occur.

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