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HALLOWEEN! Tricks, Treats and Gaming


Wednesday, October 31 Noon until CLOSE


5 PCs-Up to 5 Players-Survivors stay, 1 moves to killer-other Player(s) join. On & on & on & on………………….

$3.00 per player. The killer with the highest number of matches won for the day will receive a month pass!

PC & Consoles Day Pass $9.00

Lifetime Coin Earnings - 10,000-29,999 $6.00 Day Pass 30,000 or more FREE DAY PASS! 1 Free Hour if in Costume!

Virtual Reality-Arizona Sunshine Co-Op

2 players-30 Minutes–2 Stations $9.00

Classic Gaming

Free in Costume! $5.00 Day Pass

Ghostbusters Pinball

$4.00 for 30 Minutes-up to 4 Players on the machine.

Treats for some, tricks for others.