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Zehn Masters PUBG Solo Qualifier

Compete for 4 PUBG Solo Zehn Masters Tournament Spots!

This qualifier will have to run on public servers.

How the heck are we going to do a qualifier for PUBG?

Individuals are to pay $5 per 5 games. Out of those 5 games they will submit their scores to the staff member working at the time. Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in the public matches award qualifier points. Based off of your points earned is how we will determine the person or persons who will represent S9 in the Zehn Masters WAN Tournament for their chance at a share of $750! Qualifier Participants may come in and submit as many score sheets as they want, however once you decide to attempt a new score you get the choice to keep your old or take the new score. The scores must be obtained while playing on an S9 machine, but you are advised to use your own PUBG account. You may come in any time during the listed time period to submit scores.

The score will work as follows:
Every Chicken Dinner you get out of the 5 matches is worth 100 points.
2nd Place= 70 points
3rd Place= 30 points

Anything lower than that awards you with nothing. We will be watching your games in case cheaters are bustin your scores up.

The 4 Winners at the end of the qualifier period must be available for the date of the WAN event which is April 15th. The WAN will be played on a private server.

Earlier Event: February 28
Fargo Fight Game Community
Later Event: March 3
Private Event Closed until Noon