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Fortnite Solo & Duos Tournament all PS4s & 4-6 PCs in use until 6:00 PM

Saturday, July 28th
$7.00 Venue Fee Per Player, Each Tournament. 
First 24 Solo/12 Duos registered are in. Pre-register here:

Pre-pay and Save $2.00 = $5.00 Venus Fee until Thursday July 26th, 8:00 pm (Stop in or call 701-476-1337)
12:00 PM: Solo Tournament: 20 PC Players, 4 PS4 Players
3:00 PM: Duo Tournament: 10 PC Duos, 2 PS4 Duos
Check-in 11:30 AM Solos/ 2:30 PM Duos.
Bring your own PS4 or X Box controllers and cords for PC play. 
PC & PS4 Battle Royale Servers Only.
5 matches will be played, highest overall score wins. Tie breaker 1 or more matches.
Scoring: Kills 10 Points Each Plus Place: 1st 50 points 2nd 40 points 3rd 60 points 4th 20 points 5th 10 points
1. Solos and Duos May Not Squad Up.
2. If you are matched in a server with other tournament players, eliminate them.
3. Proof of place and kills are in the game history, scores will be tallied from there.
Prizing Per Player: (X2 for Duos) All Players will receive a Free Hour of Game Time
First: $25.00 V-Buck Code. Any 1,200 Coin or less Prize Vault Item from Disenchanted Toys!
Second: $10.00 V-Buck Code. Any 900 Coin or less Prize Vault Item from Bum-co!
Third: $10.00 Section 9 Gift Card