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DBFZ, SFV, Tekken 7 & Smash 4 Tournaments. VR Closed

Saturday, August 18, 2018. 3 Tournaments, 1 Day, Hosted by Section 9
DBFZ & SFV Brackets run by the Fargo Fight Game Community
Smash 4 Brackets run by the Smash 4/Ultimate Community
Details: Organized bracket-run tournaments for SFV, DBFZ and Smash 4 singles.
Entry Each Tournament: $5.00 Venue Fee (Includes tax) Plus $5.00 per bracket you enter.

NO PLUS $5.00 FOR TEKKEN 7, Pool is FREE!
Format: Double Elimination, best of 3. Winners, Losers and Grand finals will be best of 5

Prizing: Guaranteed Minimum Pools*
DBFZ $100.00* SFV $50.00* Tekken 7 $200.00 Smash 4 $100.00*
1st =60% of Pool & a Free Jimmy Johns Sub
2nd=30% of Pool & a Free Jimmy Johns Sub
3rd=10% of Pool & a Free Jimmy Johns Sub. (If less than 8 entrants in a bracket, 1st gets 60% and 2nd gets 40%)
Section 9 will be drawing for door prizes to be awarded throughout the event.
Doors Open: 12:00pm
Registration ends for DBFZ Tekken 7, and SFV: 12:45pm
Brackets Start: 1:00pm
Smash 4 Singles: Registration Ends: 3:45pm
Bracket Start: 4:00 PM
Smash 4 ruleset will be roughly following the recommended ruleset at Ask a TO if you have any questions

Please, Please Pre-Register at 
Stop in or call: (701) 476-1337 We want to be sure we have enough space allocated for the event!