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Rainbow 6 Siege Team Building Event

Rainbow 6 Siege-Please like and share!
Team Building Event-PC-Please feel free to bring your own peripherals.
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Noon: Sign-in/Open Play Start: 2:30 PM End: 6:00 PM
Venue Fee $5.00 Random Prize Drawings for S9 Gift Cards & More!
Please preregister here:

Rainbow 6 Siege is a new event for Zehn Masters, and Section 9 is looking to help build a team for this and possibly other events. There will be 10 PCs reserved for players to rotate between 2 teams. 2 to 3 more events/practices will be held before the $1,500 WAN tournament, Saturday November 3 at Noon. The details are available here:
If you have a 5 man team, please email S9 at Subject: Rainbow 6 team

Entering this event will make you a member of the S9 GhOSTS E-Sports Team- Rainbow 6 Siege. We hope to see a group of enthusiastic players, of all abilities join up. We are also looking for members who will take a role as a community leader(s). The S9 staff knows a little bit about a lot of games, so we are looking for assistance.
Please join the S9 GhOSTS E-Sports Team Facebook page here:
Once approved, you can automatically join the S9 Rainbow 6 Siege group here:
We would like this community page to used to meet other players, figure practice times, meet up at the store etc. This community will help decide the final 5 members for the Zehn Masters team. We hope to see this become a monthly, if not more frequent, ongoing event, with the possibility of partial S9 sponsorship in other events.