Section 9 Community

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  Since 2016, Section 9 has been proud to host RRVAN's GAME ON! Nights.  GAME ON! Meets at Section 9 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm the first four Mondays of every month. the 1st and 3rd Mondays are Middle and High School Ages, the 3rd is Elementary Ages and the 4th is 16 to Adult.  Section 9 hosts fundraisers to help support RRVAN.  Section 9 Gamers earn coins while gaming, and one of the redemption options is a donation to help support RRVANS GAME ON! Nights.

  One mothers story;

  "When my son was four years old, he had limited verbal ability.  We were concerned about what his future would hold.  Over the years, this little guy has had the benefit of tons of OT and speech therapy.  His abilities grew and he manages quite well in most areas of his life.  The area he continued to struggle in was social interaction.  He didn’t have any friends.  When Game On, a social group for kids on the autism spectrum, started at the original Section 9 he met kids who were just like him.  He slowly opened up.  All of the kids were hesitant at first.  My son isn’t the only one who had struggled socially.  At Game On, they learned it was ok to be quirky.  This group of hesitant young people has transformed over the years into a tightknit group of friends.  My son has even had a birthday party (at Section 9) and has attended other birthday parties (also at Section 9).  This young man has blossomed into a social butterfly-he’s the most social of all my kids!  Every week he looks forward to going to Section 9 with his staff.  He feels accepted and comfortable there.  I am so grateful to everyone at Section 9 for their willingness to welcome Game On into their building and to embrace our kiddos on the spectrum.  I will always be thankful for the part they played in helping my son break out of his shell.  THANK YOU!!"


Section 9 also participates in the Extra Life 24 hour Gaming Marathon.  All funds raised by Section 9 stay local go to support the Sanford Children's Hospital.