ggChampions Season 1 Beta

Section 9 is 1 of 20 North American official Centers

for the BETA Warm UP Season!

2 Events will run concurrently-One for all players

and a separate Season for High School Players.

How it works-ggChampions and Section 9

All Players will need a Section 9 ggLeap Account, with a valid email and play on Section 9 PCs. High School Players will need to select their high school and show a school ID or otherwise prove they will be enrolled there this fall. After that, everything is automatic! Stats for both events are tracked individually, but you can play together with teammates. There are cash prizes from ggChampions for both events, and weekly medals for the regular event. There will be weekly prizes from Section 9 and some of our Prize Vault Partners.

High School Players, while scored as individuals, will be tracked as a “Team” for the high school selected. There is NO LIMIT to the number of players from a school, but only the top 4 Fortnite and top 5 League of Legends individual players from the selected high school will be the “team” to represent the school if they make the finals. High school players will also be tracked on the regular event, so have 2 ways to win!

All players are welcome to bring there own peripherals, including monitors and are required to have there own game account. Fortnite players should bring there own PS4 or Xbox One controllers and cords.

Fortnite-No Stretched Resolution.

League of Legends-All players play under League Unlocked while at Section 9. League Unlocked gives you access to additional heroes and skins, Plus a 20% EXP Bonus!

Weekly Prizes! Every Week!

Individual Leader Boards 1st 3 Hours 2nd 2 Hours 3rd 1 Hour

High School Team Leader Board (Each Team Member) 1st 2 Hours 2nd 1 Hour

8/19-8/25 Finals Week-All Players who make the Finals Win 3 Hours of Game Time

Other Prizes will be added depending on Participation Numbers. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!