Zehn Masters

Zehn is the German word for 10. Each series features 10 esports titles.

Zehn Masters is born from the concept that esports players exist at many different levels of ability and life situations.  Not everyone that plays golf (tennis, bowling, basketball, etc) expects to qualify for the professional tour, but many people want to play their sport locally in a competitive environment as their free time allows.  Esports is no different.

Section 9 is a participating Zehn Master location, which will host qualifiers that teams can pursue sponsorship into 1 of 2 Zehn WAN tournaments.

There will be two rounds of qualifiers and WAN events, with cash prizes awarded for each WAN tournament.


Section 9 will hold tournaments for each game so select one team to win sponsorship for a WAN tournament against 15 other centers.


Qualifier champions return to Section 9 to compete against 15 other champions in a crucible of the best each location has to offer. Emerge victorious from this to take home the pride and glory of becoming a Zehn Master.

Singles Games

Team Games